Hi, I am Roshan Raut.

I am a Competitive programmer, who likes Problem solving and have Interest in Open Source Projects, Web and Android Application development.


I am a Third Year IT Student currently pursuing BE from PVG COET, Pune with a willingness to learn and master Software Development, Backend Development.I am a Competitive Programmer with outstanding academic Record and have skills in Web and Android App Development.

Looking for an SDE Internship opportunity to work in a challenging position combining my skills in Software Engineering, which provides professional development, interesting experiences and personal growth.


6 Month
  • In this 6 months Open Source Hyperledger Mentorship program by The Linux Foundation, I am working on Hyperledger Blockchain Technology.
  • I am one of the 22 Mentee Interns slelected globally for this Open Source Program.
  • I have to support the Clique consensus for Besu so that BAF can be used to deploy and operate an HL Besu network with Clique consensus.
  • This also include upgrading BAF to support the latest stable Besu version.
  • Working Production grade architecture, DevOps in Blockchain Development, Architecture of Besu and BAF, work in true spirit of open-source, communicating with both Besu and BAF community, joining calls and using other community tools.
  • Writing documentation, so anyone in the community could use the results of their work.
June 2021 - November 2021
3 Month
  • This is a 3 month Open Source Program for begineers. Participant as an Open source contributor in Android Application Projects.
  • I have raised Issues and fixed issues by raising PR's related to UI, Documentation, SQL Database.
March 2021 - May 2021
Full Time Intern
  • Joined as a project intern and worked on flutter and web technology.
  • Worked as a flutter developer on a native mobile application with firebase as a backend.
  • Created a multi-vendor food delivery website named foodfranc.com having Payment gateway and customer location tracking using API and Plugins.
  • Connecting with third party delivery and online store android app, deploying and hosting the website and looking after technical issues.
Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 | In Office
Virtual Intern
  • I had worked on Perspective Software which is an interactive visualization component for large, real-time datasets.
  • My Contributions include implementing the Open Source Code Perspective in preparation for Data Visualization using Financial Data and Analysis, Fixing the broken Typescript files in the Git repository for correct output, and creating correct Patch files.
  • I gained skills in Financial Data, Financial Analysis, Technical Communication
  • Tools: React, Python, Typescript, Web Application, Git.
April 2020 - May 2020 | Virtual Intern


Maths Quiz Game WebApp
Math Table Quiz Game Web-App

A Mathematics Quiz Web Game Kids. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: HTML, CSS,JavaScript, Git
  • Developed as an entertaining platform for Kids.
  • It has engaging UI with a Timer, Start Button,Score Display and it generates random tables using randomized algorithm.
  • It is designed to test the multiplication skills of the Kids .
  • It has quizzes with 4 options and a timer countdown which finally displays the user score.
Fruit Slicing Web Game
Professional Fruit Slice Web Game

A fruit slice web game with music using JQuery. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Git
  • It has Start button, slicer, score board and 3 missing chance.
  • It entertains user with nice music ringtone and engaging UI.
  • Play the Game and see the leaderboard score.
Online Notes and Blogging website
Online Notes and Blogging Web App

This is online notes and Blogging app which enables user to store, edit and delete notes and blogs. GitRepo Project

  • Tools:HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Php, MySql, Ajax
  • It is featured with signup and login option with remember me and forgot password feature
  • It has notepad to write blog and notes and store them inside the data base with name,date,time.
  • It re-orders the data on basis of last modified.
  • It has editing,deleting and updating users profile and password feature.
Conference website
Website for Tech-Summit Conference

This provides a platform to oraganize vitual online Tech summits and comapny conferences. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Git
  • It has a register and login feature with image gallery.
  • It describes the features of hosting any conference calls and tech summits.
Drawing web app
Professional Drawing Web App

This is Drawing app with all drawing features and erase, Save, Reset Options. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: HTML, CSS, JQueryUI, Canvas, Local Storage, Git
  • Users can choose brush size, colors and erase the page and save their drawing page using save button.
  • It has 3 buttons to erase, save the page using local storag and reset the draawing page.
online file explorer app
Online File Explorer using node.js

This is online file explorer to store data,media files it's made using pure node.js without any frameworks. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: Node.js, Bootstrap4, Heroku
  • It has multiple directories to store data and describe their size and last modified date and time and show data with their extensions.
  • It has a feature to sort or reorder files and folders data on basis of name,size and lastmodified date.
  • It also shows the path directory relative to the home directory and it's build using pure node.js without using any frameworks.
  • I have also built in node modules of https to create server,child processors module,Path module,file system module
Covid Landing web app
Covid-19 App Landing Web Page

This Responsive App landing page. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git
  • Users can view list and detail information .
  • Download app from playstore and appstore.
Quiz Android App
Quiz Android App

This is a Android Application made in Kotlin. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: Kotlin, Java, Android Studio, Git.
  • User can play varieties of Quizzes.
  • At end user can check Leaderboard score.
Drawing Android App
Home Workout Android App

This is a Home workout Android app useful while doing a workout or exercise made in kotlin. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: Kotlin, Java, MySQLite, AndroidStudio, Git
  • Users can perform Home workout, view History, calculate BMI in metric and US units.
Drawing Android App
Drawing Android App

This is an Android app for Drawing, Editing, Sharing Images and doing Rough Work. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: Kotlin, Java, AndroidStudio, Git
  • Users can Draw, Edit, Save, Share Drawing and Images.
Calculator Android App
Caluator Android App.

This an Android Calculator App. GitRepo Project

  • Tools:Kotlin, Java, Android Studio, Git
  • Users can perform basic Mathematical Calulations.
  • +, -, x, / etc operations can be formed.
Age in Minutes Android app
Age in Hr, min, sec Android App

This is a Android app to convert age into hrs, min, sec, days, months, years etc. GitRepo Project

  • Tools: Kotlin, Java, Android, Git
  • Takes current Birth Date as an user input from Calender.
  • App gives Date converted into Years, Months, Days, hrs, min, seconds as an output.


Languages and Databases

Cpp c++
Cpp C++


jQuery mobileJQueryMobile


GoogleCloudPlatformGoogle Cloud Platform
androidAndroid Studio


Data Structure & Algorithms inC++
Advance Java Programming
Complete web development
30 Day's GCP Challenge by QwikLabs
Python Programming Language


Winner Ranked 1 in Code-Mode Competitive Coding Contest on Hacker Rank. Rankings

Institute Rank 1 and Global Rank 512 among 3,10,000 Coders on Geeks for Geeks. Rankings

Ranked 2 in 0xSUDO Competitive Coding Contest on Hacker Rank. Rankings

CodeChef 5 star Competitive Coder with Max Ratings 2054 and India Rank 1931 among 2.8 Lakh Indian coders. Rankings

Global Rank 82 in Div 1 among 34,000+ coders in Codechef Nov Long Challenge Competitive Coding Contest. Rankings

Global Rank 302 among 20000+ Coders in CodeChef October 2020 Long Challenge Competitive Coding. Rankings

Global Rank 357 among 32,000+ Coders in CodeChef September 2020 Long Challenge Competitive Coding. Rankings


Pune Vidyarthi Grihas College of Engineering and Technology

Pune, India

Degree: BE in Information Technology
CGPA: 9.64/10